Meet the participants

Meet almost 40 year old Tina (that's me), I'm 80 lbs overweight, out of shape, suffer from arthritis, low iron, low hemoglobin, I'm a smoker and I take medication to treat anxiety. Yes I know I'm the poster child for the picture of heath aren't I? I've dieted, I've exercised, And here I am, I'll be 40 this month and most days I feel 80. So many different ideas on what's nutritious and what's not: Low fat, Low Calorie, No carbs, No meat, Ahhh. what's the right way to get healthy? So I've pondered this a few times obviously and I've decided that whether you believe we were created or evolved, The things our bodies need to survive and thrive were also created or evolved along with us, and why would I mess with that? So for me the obvious answer is, eat what the earth provides. Sounds simple enough right? Well not so much. Do you know how hard it is to find non chemically or mechanically engineered food these days? and to find foods without additives? And what's the right combination? Well handy dandy for me my younger cousin , Meet Cindy, has a passion for such things and just graduated as a Holistic Nutritionist and has accepted my offer, okay plea, okay endless begging to be my guide and motivator and see me through this. She's committed, I'm committed. Let's do this.


  1. Good luck with the journey I know you can do it

  2. I'm so excited to help you with this and be apart of your journey!!
    It's gonna be a long hard road- but totally worth it in the end!! :)