Thursday, August 7, 2014


You have the jingle in your head now don't you? Yup, those adorable lush fast growing little chia pets, the animal shaped plant things. That is what I'm sitting here drinking it water with fresh lemon juice as I type. I'd say it's delicious but I'd be lying. Well the lemon and water part is good, I love lemon in my water, but these seeds that expand to ten times there size and develop a gelatinous coating when soaked in water are gross. To say it's vile is an understatement. I want to vomit with each sip. So why am I drinking it you ask? I asked the same question. I'm told it's super good for me  Okay, but how good for me can it be to warrant the almost puking? So I took to google and found this article, "Chia sees benefits: 10 reasons to add chia seeds to you diet" Okay, so I guess 11 grams of dietary fibre and Omega 3 and and minerals and protein and the fact that it fills you and curbs your appetite are very good reasons to add it to my diet, but can't I just sprinkle it on my salad or something? Why am I drinking it in water? oh right, the hydration part... these little seeds hold 9 to 10 times their weight in water. So it super hydrates you as well. Okay fine. I will suppress my gag reflex and drink on. I'm sure I'll get used to it right?

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